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Hello I am D. L. Faughn I recently co-authored the book Below Gravity. Below Gravity II is on its way!

Readers who enjoy knights in armor and cuddly creatures will surely enjoy Below Gravity. Get your copy today->…

One of my goals I’ve been working on is healing broken aspects of my self. Some people call this shadow work. To me the soul is like a crystal. Whenever anything traumatizing or dramatic happens to you, a piece of your soul chips off and gets left behind. What shadow work is to me is going back to those broken pieces of yourself and healing them, then integrate them back. So that you can be whole once again.


What I didn’t realize was that Valentines Day was going to be a trigger. Specific words to be exact. A friend made a comment about how you don’t want to leave your loved one alone on Valentines Day, because they’ll spend the day with some one else. It took me two days to figure out those words is what made me angry and depressed. I didn’t know why though until I started doing Shadow Work.


Fen helped me along my journey, we talked and things started to come together.  The first thing I did was go into my mind and visualize everything. The first thing I seen was myself suspended in the air. I had two large long-swords through my chest and a third in my back. By this point I started bio-locating, being in two places at once. Not only could I see myself, I was myself feeling the pain. As I took a hold of the first sword to pull it out, I had a vision of my ex-boyfriend. He used the excuse of me being gone as a reason he stepped out on me, it was during Valentines Day, something I had forgotten. The second sword had something to do with him as well, I’m sure I can guess. My body lay on the ground by this time, at first motionless. I embraced myself and talked my way though that situation, told myself that I loved it and that I wouldn’t let something like that happen again. Also told myself it was good that happened so that I would know the truth and not live a lie. My bio-location hugged me back. Those wounds healed easily in my opinion.


However the sword though my back was long and protruded though to the front of the body. Suddenly everything changed the body looked drenched in dead blood, the long hair also matted in blood like dreads. The body seemed decayed and lay motionless as a massacred corpse. I placed a boot on the back and started to pull the sword out, the sword was extremely long and took a while to remove. After I finally removed the sword I felt a warm place on my back like blood pooling. Though the sword was removed the wound would not heal. I tried to bandage and wrap the wound like I did earlier. I also tried to talk to myself, it was unresponsive to any of the words I spoke. To try and understand what kind of wound it was I asked myself to express itself. The first thing it did was grab for its head and scream, then flopped on the floor and then it rose up blood drenched, horns formed on its forehead, clawed hands and started looking for objects to tear apart. I imagined wooden chairs and tables and other assortment. It destroyed the objects trying to rid itself of the pain and agony it had.


I can only speculate that it was some kind of love betrayal, of a past life? One that must have projected into this life. Like a past life regret? I’m not quite sure on that. It was at this point a beast, of an un-rested soul rampaging, an un-rested part of myself. I tried everything to tame it, calm it down, get it to listen or even reason with me. There wasn’t anything that I could do to heal this aspect, it was beyond my ability. I didn’t know what else to do, I felt like I was losing control of myself, so I called upon Guru Swami Vishwananda for help. He was there instantaneously. I can’t really remember exactly how I did it. I know I explained a little, I think before I asked for help healing an aspect myself. Like I said his presence was there instantaneously and I could feel bubbles of energy ripple though out my entire body. Healing the wound of my bio-location, by this point it was laying on the ground again motionless. I ran back up to it and embraced it; it hugged me back and stared at me, the horns and claws were gone. I then felt a dagger in the back right shoulder and proceeded to remove it and healing it was no problem. I started to clean the dead blood from its face and hair, telling it over and over I love you. I think this cleansing will take sometime. As right now I can still see blood on it, it seems about 1/3 clean.


Reviewing things, the two swords on the front I’m sure pertained to this life the incredibly long sword that was though the back and out of the stomach represented a past life that leaked over into this life. The dagger was something of a past life too, no idea what. Something minor in comparison. I think it’s really important to heal broken aspects of yourself because of the leak over effect that can affect your next life. Not only that, I have the desire to become whole, so that I can enter the next phase of my existence. I’m really curious of what happened to me in that past life that would reflect in this life.  I wished I knew. I want to remember. I think it would help me understand who I am now.

  • Mood: Yearning

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